The Priory Hotel

Once a Benedictine monastery, the Priory Hotel has been carefully restored to modern standards. It was our pleasure to get the chance to bring the gated "Laura's Bloomengarten" back to glory. We cleared old plants that didn't belong, repurposed ones we could salvage and made the formal garden a favorite destination for wedding pictures. We were able to redesign the numerous courtyard spaces to become vibrant again. We utilized a pile of old bricks to create a great accent that is in keeping with the historic grounds and looks like it’s always been there .

Urban Courtyard

We were asked to create a family friendly living space in a tight courtyard. Even with limited planting space we were able to clear out old vegetation and create an intimate and easy to maintain garden with a center water feature that the whole family can enjoy.

Privacy Garden

We brought some privacy and color to an open patio, Hot tub and water feature. We designed a garden that incorporated all three with spruces for privacy and 13 different flowers for color to tie them all together.

Tribute Fountain

When asked to create a water feature out of a real 1929 cast iron fire hydrant for a family with firefighters we thought why not? After grinding off 80 years worth of different colored paint and cleaning it we took it to an auto body shop for painting and clear coating. We thought the automotive paint would stand up to the constant water flow best. Once installed we created a ring of honor from the 8 family names and had them made out vinyl using the same gold pattern they use on the fire trucks.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - Audrey Hepburn

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Sewickley Creek Greenhouse